103 NJCAA players taken in 2019 MLB Draft

Charlotte, NC – Days after the NJCAA crowned a trio of baseball champions across its three divisions, 103 players that played for NJCAA programs this season were taken in the 2019 MLB Draft.

It came as little surprise when San Jacinto's Jackson Rutledge was the first junior college player selected in this year's draft. Rutledge, ranked as one of the MLB's best prospects, was invited to attend the event at the MLB Network studio in Secaucus, New Jersey. There Rutledge heard his name called with the 17th overall pick by the Washington Nationals. Rutledge was also a semifinalist for the prestigious USA Golden Spikes Award, an honor given to the top amateur baseball player in the nation who exhibits exceptional on-field ability and exemplary sportsmanship.

San Jacinto led the NJCAA with six players selected in this year's draft while Wabash Valley and 2019 Division I World Series champion Central Arizona both had five players hear their name called.

Western Oklahoma State led all Division II programs with four players taken, highlighted by Junior Martina's 16th round selection. Mississippi Gulf Coast's Brandon Parker, the 2018 ABCA/Rawlings NJCAA DII Player of the Year, became the highest selected player from his division this year when the Atlanta Braves took the sophomore outfielder in the 10th round.

The two teams that battled in the NJCAA DIII World Series championship game were also well represented: Champion Cumberland County and runner-up Rowan-Gloucester each had two players drafted. Meanwhile, Tyler's Peyton Miller was the highest taken DIII player this year: selected by Oakland in the 14th round.

Region VIII (Florida) held the honor of most players drafted from one region with 24 total picks. Thirteen different Florida programs had a player taken, led by Chipola's four selections.

Note: This is a list of players drafted directly from NJCAA member colleges

NJCAA Student-Athletes in 2019 MLB Draft
Round Pick Name POS NJCAA College MLB Team
1 17 Jackson Rutledge RHP San Jacinto (TX) Washington Nationals
2 65 Antoine Kelly LHP Wabash Valley (IL) Milwaukee Brewers
4 114 Ivan Johnson 2B Chipola (FL) Cincinnati Reds
7 227 Brock Bell RHP State College of Florida Boston Red Sox
8 256 Luis Guerrero CF Miami Dade (FL) Houston Astros
9 277 Cody Milligan 2B Cowley (KS) Atlanta Braves
10 307 Brandon Parker RF Mississippi Gulf Coast Atlanta Braves
11 342 Mack Chambers SS Seminole State (OK) Chicago Cubs
11 343 Brock Begue LHP Cuyahoga (OH) Milwaukee Brewers
11 344 Dustin Harris 3B St. Petersburg (FL) Oakland Athletics
11 346 Ryan Gusto RHP Florida SouthWestern Houston Astros
12 363 Orlando Ribalta RHP Miami Dade (FL) Washington Nationals
12 366 Antoine Mistico CF GateWay (AZ) Seattle Mariners 
12 367 Andy Samuelson LHP Wabash Valley (IL) Atlanta Braves
13 383 Brandon Komar RHP Madison (WI) San Diego Padres
13 393 Jake Randa LF Northwest Florida State Washington Nationals
13 398 Zach Huffins CF Arizona Western Tampa Bay Rays
14 423 Lucas Knowles LHP Central Arizona Washington Nationals
14 434 Peyton Miller RHP Tyler (TX) Oakland Athletics
15 441 Javeon Cody CF Alvin (TX) Miami Marlins
15 450 Adam Leverett RHP Gordon State (GA) Philadelphia Phillies
15 458 Brett Wisely 2B Gulf Coast State (FL) Tampa Bay Rays
15 459 Alex Haynes RHP Walters State (TN) Colorado Rockies
16 473 Robert Briley RHP Seminole State (OK) San Diego Padres
16 481 Dakota Donovan RHP Central Arizona Anaheim Angels
16 483 Junior Martina SS Western Oklahoma State Washington Nationals
16 491 Andrew Baker RHP Chipola (FL) Los Angeles Dodgers
16 496 Dexter Jordan 2B Pearl River (MS) Houston Astros
16 497 Oraj Anu LF Wallace-Dothan (AL) Boston Red Sox
17 510 Hunter Milam LHP Gulf Coast State (FL) Philadelphia Phillies
18 543 Mason Doolittle C Palm Beach State (FL) Washington Nationals
19 560 Joshua Rivera SS Chipola (FL) Chicago White Sox
20 594 Jose Rodriguez RHP Cumberland County (NJ) Cincinnati Reds
21 619 Matthew Stil RHP Rowan Gloucester (NJ) Kansas City Royals
21 621 Jhonny Felix RHP Western Oklahoma State Miami Marlins
21 624 Ashton Creal CF John A. Logan (IL) Cincinnati Reds
21 625 Jake Hamilton RHP Rose State (OK) Texas Rangers
21 629 Bradley Hanner RHP Patrick Henry (VA) Minnesota Twins
21 638 Andrew Peters RHP John A. Logan (IL) Tampa Bay Rays
22 662 Jonathan Stroman RHP Central Arizona  Arizona Diamondbacks
22 663 Allan Berrios C Western Oklahoma State Washington Nationals
22 665 Zade Richardson C Wabash Valley (IL) St. Louis Cardinals
22 672 Elian Almanzar RHP Florence-Darlington Tech (SC) Chicago Cubs
22 675 Gerrit van Zijll LHP Alvin (TX) New York Yankees
23 685 Ross Carver RHP Crowder (MO) Texas Rangers
23 692 Dane Acker RHP San Jacinto (TX) Arizona Diamondbacks
24 713 Taylor Lomack CF Tallahassee (FL) San Diego Padres
24 720 Jose Ulloa RHP ASA Miami (FL) Philadelphia Phillies
24 730 Joab Gonzalez SS New Mexico JC Cleveland Indians
25 743 Blake Baker RHP Miami Dade (FL) San Diego Padres
25 757 Chad Bryant RHP Pensacola State (FL) Atlanta Braves
25 765 Luke Brown CF John A. Logan (IL) New York Yankees
26 775 Corey Stone LHP Walters State (TN) Texas Rangers
27 808 Dalton Fowler LHP Northwest Mississippi New York Mets
27 818 Mitchell Parker LHP San Jacinto (TX) Tampa Bay Rays
27 824 Gavin Jones 3B State Fair (MO) Oakland Athletics
27 826 Kevin Dickey LHP Seminole State (OK) Houston Astros
28 829 Riley Boyd RHP Jefferson (MO) Kansas City Royals
28 833 Sam Ballard LHP Parkland (IL) San Diego Padres
28 834 Michael Miles RHP Cumberland County (NJ) Cincinnati Reds
28 837 Gabriel Ponce RHP Arizona Western Toronto Blue Jays
28 840 Carlos Francisco RHP Hillsborough (FL) Philadelphia Phillies
28 847 Ben Thompson RHP Chandler Gilbert (AZ) Atlanta Braves
29 859 Jon Beymer RHP Wabash Valley (IL) Kansas City Royals
29 878 Zach Bravo RHP Butler (KS) Tampa Bay Rays
30 892 Cordell Dunn 3B Grayson (TX) Detroit Tigers
30 897 Noah Myers OF Wabash Valley (IL) Toronto Blue Jays
30 904 Dawson McCarville RHP Glendale (AZ) Pittsburgh Pirates
31 923 Jason Nelson RHP Central Arizona San Diego Padres
31 938 Brannon Jordan  RHP Cowley (KS) Tampa Bay Rays 
31 943 Jonathan Jones RHP San Jacinto (TX) Milwaukee Brewers
32 959 Bryson Gandy CF Lurleen B. Wallace (AL) Minnesota Twins
32 966 Jackson Tate CF Lawson State (AL) Seattle Mariners
33 992 Phillip Sikes CF Pima (AZ) Arizona Diamondbacks
33 994 Ernny Ordonez 3B Central Arizona Pittsburgh Pirates
33 995 Anthony Green RHP Jefferson (MO) St. Louis Cardinals
33 1001 Julio Carrion 3B Chipola (FL) Los Angeles Dodgers
33 1003 Kevin Hardin 1B Metropolitan (MO) Milwaukee Brewers
33 1006 Bryan Martinez LHP Connors State (OK) Houston Astros
34 1009 Justin Fall LHP Brookdale (NJ) Kansas City Royals
34 1013 Bryant Salgado RHP San Jacinto (TX) San Diego Padres
34 1015 Nicholas Yoder RHP Rowan Gloucester (NJ) Texas Rangers
34 1017 Luis Quinones RHP San Jacinto (TX) Toronto Blue Jays
34 1020 Jalen Battles RHP McLennan (TX) Philadelphia Phillies
34 1026 Christia Encarnacion-Strand 3B Yavapai (AZ) Seattle Mariners
35 1044 Tanner Cooper RHP Finger Lakes (NY) Cincinnati Reds
35 1055 Logan Hofmann RHP Colby (KS) St. Louis Cardinals
35 1063 Odrick Pitre SS Alvin (TX) Milwaukee Brewers
35 1066 James Nix RF Central Florida Houston Astros
36 1075 Donovan Benoit RHP Santa Fe (FL) Texas Rangers
36 1084 Jake Sweeney LHP Pensacola State (FL) Pittsburgh Pirates
37 1105 Thomas Farr RHP Northwest Florida State Texas Rangers
37 1110 Brendan Bell RHP Central Florida Philadelphia Phillies
37 1111 Levi Usher OF Kirkwood (IA) Anaheim Angels
38 1130 Emmet Flood RHP Glendale (AZ) Chicago White Sox
38 1132 Dan Pruitt 1B Western Oklahoma State Detroit Tigers
38 1135 Jamarcus Lang RHP Enterprise State (AL) Texas Rangers
38 1146 Jackson Lancaster CF Itawamba (MS) Seattle Mariners
38 1152 Marc Davis 3B Florida SouthWestern Chicago Cubs
39 1171 Spencer Brown SS Northern Essex (MA) Anaheim Angels
39 1183 Harrison Beethe RHP North Iowa Area Milwaukee Brewers
40 1196 Jeff Heinrich 3B McHenry County (IL) San Francisco Giants
40 1197 Miguel Obeso RHP Cowley (KS) Toronto Blue Jays
40 1199 Logan Steenstra SS Cowley (KS) Minnesota Twins
40 1205 Cash Rugely SS Navarro (TX) St. Louis Cardinals



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