Elite NJCAA baseball standouts selected in MLB Draft

Colorado Springs, CO – Following another year of high-caliber baseball among NJCAA programs across the nation, Major League Baseball teams took notice as 88 student-athletes were selected in the 2018 MLB Draft.

60 NJCAA schools were represented in this year's draft across 27 MLB teams. San Jacinto (TX) received the most selections as seven Gators heard their name called throughout the three-day, 40-round draft. A total of 15 NJCAA schools boasted multiple draft picks.

All three NJCAA divisions were featured in the draft this year as 68 Division I, 18 Division II, and a pair of Division III student-athletes were selected. Region VIII (FL) received a total of 23 draft picks followed by eight each from Region V (TX) and Region XIV (TX).

The San Francisco Giants showed the most interest in NJCAA student-athletes with nine players chosen, followed by seven selections for the Los Angeles Dodgers, Milwaukee Brewers, and Texas Rangers.

McLennan's standout catcher Josh Breaux was the highest selected NJCAA pick with the 61st overall selection in the second round to the New York Yankees. A pair of San Jacinto Gators were chosen back-to-back in the 24th round as Herbert Iser was chosen with 715th pick to the Baltimore Orioles and Mike Pascoe was selected with the 716th pick by the Toronto Blue Jays. J.C. Correa, a middle infielder for Alvin (TX) was selected by the Houston Astros in the 33rd round. Correa is the brother of Astros All-Star shortshop and World Series champion Carlos Correa.


Note: This is a list of players drafted directly from NJCAA member colleges

NJCAA Student-Athletes in 2018 MLB Draft
Round Pick Name POS NJCAA College MLB Team
2 61 Josh Breaux C McLennan (TX) New York Yankees
4 106 Blake Rivera RHP Wallace State (AL) San Francisco Giants
4 125 Aaron Ashby LHP Crowder (MO) Milwaukee Brewers
5 135 Keaton Winn RHP Iowa Western San Francisco Giants
5 142 Trey Riley RHP John A. Logan (IL) Atlanta Braves
6 178 Joey O'Brien RHP Southern Nevada Seattle Mariners
6 179 Sean Chandler RHP Iowa Western Texas Rangers
8 240 Michael Berglund C Midland (TX) Tampa Bay Rays
11 327 Davis Bradshaw CF Meridian (MS) Miami Marlins
11 337 Tanner Myatt RHP Florence-Darlington (SC) New York Yankees
12 346 Sean Roby 3B Arizona Western San Francisco Giants
12 362 Rylan Kaufman LHP San Jacinto (TX) Kansas City Royals
12 363 Francisco Justo RHP Monroe (NY) St. Louis Cardinals
12 365 Korry Howell SS Kirkwood (IA) Milwaukee Brewers
13 376 George Bell CF Connors State (OK) San Francisco Giants
13 379 Brian Rey 2B Miami Dade (FL) Cincinnati Reds
14 411 Erik Sabrowski LHP Cloud County (KS) San Diego Padres
14 418 Tyler Suellentrop RHP Indian River State (FL) Seattle Mariners
15 448 Matthew Willrodt RHP Cisco (TX) Seattle Mariners
15 455 Nick Trogrlic-Iverson RHP Central Arizona Milwaukee Brewers
15 463 Bryan Lavastida C Hillsborough (FL) Cleveland Indians
15 464 Julian Smith LHP Catawba Valley (NC) Los Angeles Dodgers
16 467 Tyler McKay RHP Howard (TX) Philadelphia Phillies
16 485 Alec Barger RHP Polk State (FL) Milwaukee Brewers
16 494 Trey Dillard RHP San Jacinto (TX) Los Angeles Dodgers
17 495 Avery Tuck OF New Mexico JC Detroit Tigers
17 512 Noah Bryant RHP Georgia Highlands Kansas City Royals
17 524 Aldrich De Jongh OF Hillsborough (FL) Los Angeles Dodgers
18 542 R.J. Dabovich RHP Central Arizona Kansas City Royals
19 557 Mark Potter RHP Central Florida Philadelphia Phillies
19 563 Matt Cross C Niagara County (NY) Oakland Athletics
19 566 Adrian Ramos OF Miami Dade (FL) Toronto Blue Jays
19 571 Datren Bray CF Gordon State (GA) Los Angeles Angels
19 572 Hunter Wolfe SS Walters State (TN) Kansas City Royals
19 584 Sam McWilliams OF Meridian (MS) Los Angeles Dodgers
20 592 CJ Alexander 3B State College of Florida Atlanta Braves
20 602 Josh Hendrickson LHP Barton (KS) Kansas City Royals
20 611 Onix Vega C Broward (FL) Washington Nationals
21 619 Hunter Oliver C Cleveland State (TN) Cincinnati Reds
21 629 Cody Hawthorne LHP Parkland (IL) Texas Rangers
21 643 Eric Rodriguez C Wallace-Dothan (AL) Cleveland Indians
22 657 Milton Smith Jr. CF Meridian (MS) Miaimi Marlins
22 659 Frainyer Chavez SS Midland (TX) Texas Rangers
22 665 Joe Baran LHP Lackawanna (PA) Milwaukee Brewers
22 670 Yusniel Padron-Artilles RHP Miami Dade (FL) Boston Red Sox
22 674 Simon Landry 1B Pearl River (MS) Los Angeles Dodgers
23 681 Nelson Alvarez RHP Miami Dade (FL) San Diego Padres
23 682 William Woods RHP Dyersburg State (TN) Atlanta Braves
23 700 Ryan Fernandez RHP Hillsborough (FL) Boston Red Sox
24 715 Herbert Iser C San Jacinto (TX) Baltimore Orioles
24 716 Mike Pascoe RHP San Jacinto (TX) Toronto Blue Jays
24 720 Keegan McCarville RHP South Mountain (AZ) Tampa Bay Rays
26 772 Zach Guth LHP Harford (MD) Atlanta Braves
26 773 Leudeny Pineda RHP ASA Miami (FL) Oakland Athletics
26 793 Gunnar Halter RHP Seminole State (OK) Cleveland State (TN)
27 818 Niels Stone RHP Indian River State (FL) Chicago Cubs
27 822 Juan Paulino C Western Oklahoma State Houston Astros
28 826 Travis Perry RHP Indian River State (FL) San Francisco Giants
29 869 Glen Richardson RHP Sinclair (OH) Texas Rangers
29 873 Alerick Soularie SS San Jacinto (TX) St. Louis Cardinals
30 899 Evan Reifert RHP North Iowa Area Texas Rangers
31 922 Gabriel Rodriguez OF Miami Dade (FL) Atlanta Braves
32 973 Andrew Eyster OF Santa Fe (FL) Cleveland Indians
33 977 Jake Kinney RHP Tallahassee (FL) Philadelphia Phillies
33 989 Reynaldo Pichardo C Dawson (MT) Texas Rangers
33 994 Denny Bentley LHP Howard (TX) Minnesota Twins
33 1002 J.C. Correa INF Alvin (TX) Houston Astros
34 1006 Lucas Krull LHP Jefferson (MO) San Francisco Giants
34 1019 Noah Burkholder RHP Waubonsee (IL) Texas Rangers
34 1021 Paul McIntosh C Motlow State (TN) Los Angeles Angels
34 1029 Wacy Crenshaw OF Glendale (AZ) Arizona Diamondbacks
35 1035 Chavez Fernander RHP Polk State (FL) Detroit Tigers
35 1036 Chris Roberts RHP San Jacinto (TX) San Francisco Giants
35 1058 Edmond Americaan OF Chipola (FL) Chicago Cubs
35 1064 Tyler Reichenborn OF Iowa Western Los Angeles Dodgers
36 1071 Will Freeman RHP Jones County (MS) San Diego Padres
36 1073 Chad Bryant RHP Pensacola State (FL) Oakland Athletics
36 1080 Kea'von Edwards SS Cowley (KS) Tampa Bay Rays
36 1085 Brandon Williamson LHP North Iowa Area Milwaukee Brewers
37 1096 Ryan McDonald RHP Southern Nevada San Francisco Giants
37 1097 Ryan Rijo 1B New Mexico JC Philadelphia Phillies
37 1100 Zach Fascia C Indian Hills (IA) New York Mets
37 1115 Franklin Hernandez RHP Central Florida Milwaukee Brewers
38 1137 Bryce Miller RHP Blinn (TX) Miami Marlins
39 1184 Jordan Myrow CF San Jacinto (TX) Los Angeles Dodgers
40 1186 Abdiel Layer SS Miami Dade (FL) San Francisco Giants
40 1187 Waylon Richardson RHP Kankakee (IL) Philadelphia Phillies
40 1209 Garrison Burress SS Catawba Valley (NC) Arizona Diamondbacks