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2014 Annual Meeting Minutes

2014 NJCAA Annual Meeting Reports

Women's Basketball Committee - Division I - Darren Pannier

Women's Basketball Committee - Division II - Scott Barlow

Women's Basketball Committee - Division III - Donna Genova

Women's Golf Committee - Carl Heinrich

Women's Lacrosse Committee - Don Dutcher

Women's Soccer Committee - Division I - JoAnn Rogers/Brenda Hampton

Women's Soccer Committee - Division III - Ron Case/Kerri McTiernan

Softball Joint Committee - Norma Carr

Softball Committee - Division I - Norma Carr

Softball Committee - Division II - Berdy Kuiken

Softball Committee - Division III - Jean Musgjerd/LuAnn Zimmick

Women's Tennis Committee - Tim Drain

Volleyball - Division I - Marci Henry/Brenda Hampton

Volleyball - Division II - Carl Heinrich/Samantha Ezell

Volleyball - Division III - LuAnn Zimmick/Jean Musgjerd

Joint Volleyball

Division I Baseball Committee - David Elder

Division II Baseball Committee - Rod Lovett/Lind Hartsell

Division III Baseball Committee - Skip Bailey/John Jackson

Division I Men's Basketball Committee - Randy Stange

Division II Men's Basketball Committee - Thom McDonald

Division III Men's Basketball Committee - John Kuntz

Football Committee - Roark Montgomery/Jim Southward

Men's Golf Committee - Division I - Joe Tubb/Roark Montgomery

Men's Golf Committee - Division II - Dale Vos/Gary Huber

Men's Golf Committee - Division III - Tom Stewart/Dick Holler

Ice Hockey Committee - Jeff Wiley/Jack Sullivan

Men's Lacrosse Committee - John Jackson/Mick McDaniel

Men's Soccer Committee - Division I - Greg Silcox/Dean Myrick

Men's Soccer Committee - Division III - Mick McDaniel/Jeff Wiley

Men's Tennis Committee - Art Becker/Bob Zelinski

Wrestling Committee - Al Williams/Dan Jphnson

All American Committe - Dean Myrick

Bowling Committee - Gary Broadhurst/JoAnn Rogers

Championship Events Committee - Bryce Roderick

Cross Country Committee - Division I & III - David Elder/Kurt McAfee

Half Marathon Committee - Division I & III - David Elder/Kurt McAfee

Districting Committee - David Elder

Sport Districting Division I

Sport Districting Division II

Sport Districting Division III

Administrative & Eligibility Proposals  - Bob Zelinski

Finance Committee - David Elder/Bryce Roderick

Health and Safety - Norma Dycus  

Nominations and Elections Committee - Michelle Ruble/Bobby Hudson

Standards and Ethics - John Jackson/Norma Carr

Swimming and Diving Committee - Skip Bailey

Service and Recognition - Tim Drain/Darren Pannier

Track & Field Committee - Bryce Roderick/Tom Stewart

Guest Attendance Record

Joint Attendance Record

Joint Session Opening Ceremonies

Men's Attendance Record

Men's General Session

Women's Attendance Record

Women's General Session

Closing Ceremonies

Report of the Executive Director

President's Address

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