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2014 NJCAA Committee Agendas

2014 NJCAA Annual Meeting Agendas

Women's Basketball Committee - Division I - Darren Pannier

Women's Basketball Committee - Division II - Scott Barlow

Women's Basketball Committee - Division III - Donna Genova

Women's Golf Committee - Carl Heinrich

Women's Lacrosse Committee - Don Dutcher

Women's Soccer Committee - Division I - JoAnn Rogers/Brenda Hampton

Women's Soccer Committee - Division III - Ron Case/Kerri McTiernan

Softball Joint Committee - Norma Carr

Softball Committee - Division I - Norma Carr

Softball Committee - Division II - Berdy Kuiken

Softball Committee - Division III - Jean Musgjerd/LuAnn Zimmick

Women's Tennis Committee - Tim Drain

Volleyball - Division I - Marci Henry/Brenda Hampton

Volleyball - Division II - Carl Heinrich/Samantha Ezell

Volleyball - Division III - LuAnn Zimmick/Jean Musgjerd

Division I Baseball Committee - David Elder

Division II Baseball Committee - Rod Lovett/Lind Hartsell

Division III Baseball Committee - Skip Bailey/John Jackson

Division I Men's Basketball Committee - Randy Stange

Division II Men's Basketball Committee - Thom McDonald

Division III Men's Basketball Committee - John Kuntz

Football Committee - Roark Montgomery/Jim Southward

Men's Golf Committee - Division I - Joe Tubb/Roark Montgomery

Men's Golf Committee - Division II - Dale Vos/Gary Huber

Men's Golf Committee - Division III - Tom Stewart/Dick Holler

Ice Hockey Committee - Jeff Wiley/Jack Sullivan

Men's Lacrosse Committee - John Jackson/Mick McDaniel

Men's Soccer Committee - Division I - Greg Silcox/Dean Myrick

Men's Soccer Committee - Division III - Mick McDaniel/Jeff Wiley

Men's Tennis Committee - Art Becker/Bob Zelinski

Wrestling Committee - Al Williams/Dan Jphnson

All American Committe - Dean Myrick

Bowling Committee - Gary Broadhurst/JoAnn Rogers

Championship Events Committee - Bryce Roderick

Cross Country Committee/Half Marathon - Division I & III - David Elder/Kurt McAfee

Districting Committee - David Elder

Sport Districting Division I

Sport Districting Division II

Sport Districting Division III

Eligibility Committee  - Bob Zelinski

Finance Committee - David Elder/Bryce Roderick

Health and Safety - Norma Dycus  

Nominations and Elections Committee - Michelle Ruble/Bobby Hudson

Standards and Ethics - John Jackson/Norma Carr

Swimming and Diving Committee - Skip Bailey

Service and Recognition - Tim Drain/Darren Pannier

Track & Field Committee - Bryce Roderick/Tom Stewart

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