NJCAA, FirstPoint USA strike recruiting partnership

Charlotte, NC  – The NJCAA has named FirstPoint USA the Official UK and China Recruiting Partner of the association. Founded in 2001, FirstPoint USA connects thousands of student-athletes to college campuses throughout the United States.

"The NJCAA is pleased to expand its global reach with FirstPoint USA," stated Dr. Christopher Parker, NJCAA President & CEO. "As a leader in international recruiting, FirstPoint USA's partnership with the NJCAA will provide awareness to student-athletes on the two-year college option in the United States. The information and guidance FirstPoint USA can provide will be extremely beneficial to both our member institutions and aspiring college student-athletes."

Accredited with both the NCAA and the NAIA, FirstPoint USA's international presence has helped secure endless opportunities for international student-athletes to top-tier college campuses in the United States for nearly 20 years. Through the direction of experienced consultants, prospective student-athletes receive detailed guidance to connect with college coaches in the United States and assemble a plan of action to reach their desired destination. Comprised of former student-athletes, FirstPoint USA's knowledge in the field of international recruiting has led to endless success at all levels of collegiate athletics in the United States.

"FirstPoint USA is delighted to secure a partnership with the NJCAA," stated Andrew Kean, Founder and Chief Executive of FirstPoint USA. "Over 500 junior colleges in 43 U.S. states benefit from the competitive structures, guidelines and support provided by the NJCAA, with 3,400 teams across 25 different sports competing every year. That equates to tens of thousands of student-athletes who have the opportunity to pursue their academic and sporting aspirations in a very supportive yet competitive environment. 

As the official international recruiting partner, we are excited to support NJCAA member institutions in extending their reach internationally whilst supporting international student-athletes in accessing the fantastic opportunities that member institutions provide. Partnering with the NJCAA cements our standing as a world leader in collegiate athletic recruitment and enhances our offering to international student-athletes across the world."

For more information on FirstPoint USA, visit: https://www.firstpointusa.com/

About FirstPoint USA:

FirstPoint USA is the world's leading US sports scholarship agency. Founded in 2001, with assistance from the Princes Trust in the UK, the company has changed the lives of over 10,000 talented young student-athletes, by securing scholarships at suitable universities and colleges in the USA. With offices in Glasgow, Manchester and London in the UK and Shanghai in China, as well as scouting operations in the middle east, FirstPoint USA provides opportunities for students from every corner of the globe to access these life changing opportunities, whilst extending the international reach of admissions and athletics departments of universities and colleges in the USA to recruit the very best talent.

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